Dores Sacquegna  - VISIONARY ART SHOW LECCE2017


« She has a styling roots by Artaud’s memory. The concept of Artaud was in fact, to be guided by a body without organs, namely. I mean to arise through a multivalent and paradoxical process of expulsion and appropriation, and of creating and un-creating. Sandra Detourbet works with different materials : she adresses and represents cages and entire bodies or fragments as formal requirements for referential poetics.

For artist, the body is a sounding board of emotions and illusions that she experiences in her every day life. The artist meditate on platonic conception, and also, she  deals with the metaphor of the « body-soul’s cage »; and she exceeds in the awareness of living body as experimental cognition center of the world and as emotional language. Her works are abstract and concrete, they are limit and trespassing at the same time, they are maternal and erotic, they are sensual and disturbing bodies in there prime, they living in the image, in the myth, in the moment in which they appear. »

me du monde

Atelier d’écriture de textes dits ou chantés - Ignatus allias Jérôme Rousseaux.



Môme du monde, te souviens tu?


Au minimum, me diras-tu où tu allais? 


Me diras-tu ce monde sans allées et où les pommes ne tombent plus? 

Où seuls des feuillages cacheraient les fautes et les roses. 


Tu es entrée dans ta robe à l’aube inlassablement. 

Frêles sur ton ballet de cymbales, tu t’y emballes au gré des  sortilèges. 


No regret tu t’allèges.



Gosse du monde, 



Tu ré-hausse tes épaules, 



Et tu te gausses.



Sous les dômes de tes légendaires domaines… 


Aimante pluie 

Feignante du bonheur, 

Folle fée de breloques, 

Tu fais le feu de tes bois d’éloges 

Même vides et sans auges.